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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: CheckProtect® - What is it?
CheckProtect® is our recommended shipping method for personal checks. It offers an economical and trackable* shipping option that uses discrete packaging.
*Limitations may apply.
Q: Can I order more than checks?
Yes, accessories like leather checkbook wallets, covers, stamps and labels can be placed with your check order or separately.
Q: How do I know how much my checks will be?
Prices update throughout the ordering process. The online ordering site keeps a running total of items ordered.
Q: How do I order my check accessories?
There is an easy 5-step process to follow to place orders; select design, choose options, select cover, accessorize order and go to check out.
Q: How will I be charged for my checks?
Your checking account will be debited for the amount of your purchase.
Q: I would like to include additional information such as my drivers license or phone number. Can I do this?
Yes. When you go to the Check Out, click on "Check Personalization" and type in the information you would like printed on your checks on the first address line. Then complete your address. What is entered into these fields will be printed on your check. However, to ensure the security of your account and personal information it is not recommended to put drivers license or Social Security number on the face of your check.
Q: If I order an accessory, picture or distinctive typestyle and then change my mind, how can I remove them?
Simply click on the appropriate "Remove" button at the check out screen before submitting the order.
Q: If I request express delivery, when can I expect to receive my checks?
Orders requesting express delivery will be shipped express once the checks are printed.
Q: Is the price shown exactly what I will pay?
No, the price shown does not include tax.
Q: The typestyle I selected on my check order is not displayed on the featured check at the top of the screen. Will my checks be printed with the typestyle I selected?
Q: Will I receive a confirmation of my order being placed?
Yes, after you press the "Submit Order" you will receive a confirmation.
Q: What is Check 21?
On October 28, 2004, a new federal law took effect called Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act  ( Check 21 ). Many financial institutions will no longer return deposited paper checks to account holders. Please see your financial institution for details on their implementation of Check 21.
Safeguard your check-writing records by using duplicate style checks when you reorder. With duplicate checks you get an exact copy of every check you write. Look for Wallet Duplicate binding style available for most check designs.